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Brought to you by experienced investors, co-founders and CEOs of Australian company Breakout Solutions, Michael Hazilias & Wassim Dabboussi
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Thursday June 15th

Event starts at 7pm AEST
Online Event
Thursday June 15th
Event starts at 7pm AEST


Make no mistake even if you managed to hold onto your job,  you still need to discover alternative ways of thinking and doing things in order to survive & thrive in the new world economy.

There's no secret that you can actually have the lifestyle you want. The question is...

Are you ready to learn what 99% of the population don't know and develop the Wealth Identity needed to create generational wealth?

After slaving away at jobs we hated and counting every penny at regular supermarket shops....we thought this is CRAZY!!

How do we EVER get ahead living pay-check to pay-check??

This is the moment it all changed, we found ways to increase assets for generational wealth (so we didn't have to think about our bank accounts on a daily basis), and Breakout Solutions was born. 

Now we're here to share our proven personal growth methods & financial strategies to help you attain a permanent state of clarity to thrive.

Why not let the current economic situation allow you to prosper instead of hold you back?

Learn how you can turn your life around, for good, with
Breakout Solutions

What You'll Discover In This Masterclass...
The wealthiest individuals in the world know a few secrets:

#1. Knowing what advice to listen to, can make or break you

#2 Adapting to the new digital economy is a science not a guessing game

#3. Following wealth creation principles that 99% of the population don’t know, is the biggest game-changer you can implement

#4. Understanding how to invest online can generate huge ROI

#5. Having the right money mindset & developing your Wealth Identity is pivotal for growth 

As a result increase your happiness, improve your relationships, support your health to thrive through this crisis!
  • ​How ANYONE can build digital assets and set themselves up for the future
  • ​Uncover Your Wealth Identity & Understand How To Leverage This To Your Advantage
  • Learn why everything you thought you knew about acquiring digital assets is wrong and what to do about it
  • Pinpoint the criteria to finding explosive digital asset and blockchain GEMS, even in a bear market, that can return 10X, 20X, 50X, or even 500x during the next hype cycle
  • Follow tried and tested  wealth creation principles that 99% of the population don’t know & learn how to apply these to your digital assets
  • Discover the impact the right money mindset can have on your financial future
  • ​STOP Losing Sleep Over Money And START Following A Blueprint On How To Leverage Digital Opportunities In The New Economy
Why This Event Is Profoundly Different To Any Other Event You Have Attended
Why This Event Is Profoundly Different To Any Other Event You Have Attended
  •  It's being presented by 'The Breakout Solutions Investors' who have the formula to successfully invest online
  • ​A Very Unique, Unusual Approach To Building Digital Assets & Changing Your Money Mindset To Safeguard Your Life (A Proven System To Successfully Invest Online)
  • This Isn't Created For Broad Appeal, It's Only For Those Who Seriously Want To Discover New Digital Avenues To Invest & Make Permanent Change For Future Generations
  • You'll be given the tools & proven strategies to re-frame your outlook and invest wisely in digital assets
Are you ready to set yourself up & leave wealth for future generations?

The Building Blocks To Investing...

The first step to building generational wealth is to understand how money works.

Most people procrastinate and wait for the perfect opportunity or for the right 'time' to invest, you actually DON'T need to these to align with the right PLAN

Successfully building & growing assets is the sum of hard work, persistence, taking calculated risks, continuous adjustment, the right strategies, a growth mindset 

and never giving up...

Establish your Wealth Identity where you can take control of your current situation, adopt principles that work in the NEW economy and THRIVE!

It's time to understand how money can work FOR you
Who Is This Event For?
Individuals Who Are:
Those who are yearning to build assets to create a successful life but are not sure where to start.

This is the seminar to learn what's relevant in the current economy and how to tap into the most relevant ways to grow using our proven system.
   Ready For Growth
Stop relying on the old school ways to get ahead. Learn how to navigate through times of high inflation and how to prevent your wealth from being eroded over time.
   Seasoned Investors
Take control of your future by learning the ins and outs to inflation-proof your investments and prepare for the changing global economy. 

It's time to re-define your relationship with money and invest in your future.
   Business Owners
Ambitious, driven business owners who want to scale their business in the new economy with strategies that work in 2023.

We'll cover the most up to date cutting edge material on how to create a mindset for a fruitful business NOW.
   Beginner Investors
Uncover the inner workings of the dollar system and how it's designed to keep you trapped. Explore the new fairer system that are emerging and how it can empower you to reach new levels of freedom in your life.
   And YOU!
You know you are willing and fully committed toward investing in yourself, yet need some expert guidance...

Let us show you where to begin!
Michael & Wassim Have The Little Known Secrets To Creating & Securing Your Assets To Build The Sustainable Life You Want!
They have facilitated training for years with everyday people, entrepreneurs and professionals all around the world
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Discover Wassim & Michael's systematic methods to break free from limiting beliefs and implement strategies that build assets to create a stable future.

Like their previous clients...


Yes, I'm ready To 
Build My Digital Assets & Set Myself Up For The Future!
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Date & Time
Thursday June 15th

Event starts at 7pm AEST
Meet Michael Hazillias
The Crypto Consultant / Co-Founder and CEO of Breakout Solutions

Michael Hazilias is a software developer, tech entrepreneur, advisor, investor, trader & traveller. Michael has built multiple IT businesses from the age of 16 and most well known for founding Easyemployer at 22 years old which is now a multi-million dollar business with staff and clients around the world. Michael is a director at the Technology 360 Group (a group of four technology companies) and is also an advisor to multiple technology companies helping them to evolve and scale.

Michael's technology experience and his passion for innovation and disruption lead him to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in 2017. Since then he has more than 20x'd his digital asset portfolio and now manages a 7-figure investment portfolio across multiple asset classes.

Michael is a passionate Digital Asset enthusiast and cryptocurrency educator and through his roles as the Founder and CEO of Breakout Solutions and as "The Crypto Consultant", is now focused on helping individuals and businesses leverage Digital Assets to create Profit, Wealth and Freedom.

Michael leads the team at Breakout Solutions, whose primary mission is to Help 1 Million People Achieve Financial Independence By The Year 2032.

Meet Wassim Dabboussi

Head of Marketing & Community Engagement

Wassim Dabboussi is serial entrepreneur of 17 years and has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in his personal development and lives by the mantra ”You Will Never Ever Go Broke Investing In Yourself”

Wassim has been the number one salesperson several times for his clients, bringing in over $4,000,000 per month consistently.

More recently he was forced to reinvent himself after facing financial ruin due to the COVID lockdown and Government restrictions on his businesses. He was able to quickly pivot to build a business from scratch and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales in the midst of pandemic.

He has now turned his complete focus to Crypto due to his belief that it is the only asset class that truly gives the everyday person a fighting chance to protect their assets, privacy and freedom in a world full of uncertainties!

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